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As you are passing by, I would like to invite you to stop a while and perhaps find a bit of treasure or encouragement to pass on to others. 

Like all people, my family and I have experienced challenges, struggles, and sorrow as well as joy and celebration. Where would I have been without family, friends, and faith community?! … I grew up enjoying books and regular trips to the local library and from this developed a passion for the written word. These pages are offered as a place where we can encourage and share with each other and enjoy some thoughts and poems.

  • Check out my blog page which includes a variety of reflections, thoughts, and experiences. I love using images and poems!
  • My blog page is conveniently categorized into “Poetry” and “Reflections”.
  • My “Matterings and Musings” page has a  question or thought that I have struggled with or wondered about.  
  • The “Writer’s Glen” is for interesting writing topics and resources for those who want to share their own stories.

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                     Charlotte-Anne Allen 

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